We have always known that in Bulgaria there are many opportunities when it comes to the design and production of sportswear. And not only in terms of fabrics but also designers, tailors, professionals and companies who are eager to experiment. People who are ready to come up with ideas and at the same time have that creative flair that we can count on. That is why we decided to rely on Bulgarian production. Quality and dedication to every detail. The main assets that matter to every customer.

The main partners in our endeavour to create motivational sports T-shirts and clothing are the professionals of the advertising agency VaCom. They managed to win us over with their loyalty to their customers and constant willingness to meet their clients’ expectations. They are able to turn every idea we have into a better vision and a true visualization of what we believe you’d like. Their secret – they find true pleasure in their work. Any new idea is an infinite horizon that gives them a way of expression. This is how we manage to work together to create beautiful and comfortable t-shirts with motivational quotes.

Rest assured that the teams we work with are not only strict and attentive to what they do. They pass on their positive attitude to each piece of clothing they make. This can be sensed not only by us in the work process, but by all of you – when you put on our sportswear, because

2о7о10v is a brand that meets your expectations!