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  • Tsvetan Sokolov's signature on the inside of the sportwear

2o7o10v presents a sporty elegant line of clothing to express yourself. This is a collaboration between one of the best volleyball players in the world – Tsvetan Sokolov and VaCom.

This sportswear is made of comfortable and wearable fabric, with priority on quality manufacturing and Bulgarian handmade production. The material is 95% cotton 5% Elasthan. Emphasis is on the motivational sports messages and prints that impress!

If you are looking for the best t-shirt design, or T-shirt with which you can perfectly define your look, then you are at the right place. No matter if you are man or woman, if you are looking for a volleyball t-shirt, a sport T-shirt or a casual T-shirt – we are sure that you can find your perfect fit here. The designs are master pieces from the idea to the final result. Each one of them has been created especially fot his brand.

We made sure the cuts fit any body type and that’s why we created a variety of sizes from Normal fit to Volley fit.

This is the exact difference between the two cuts. Which one would make you feel more comfortable and better-looking – we leave it to you to decide by using the size guide. Sizing – European Sizes – Please measure carefully before purchasing and chose one size up for extra comfort if required!

Normal Fit

S –  52 cm wide / 69 cm long

M – 54 cm wide / 70 cm long

L –  56 cm wide / 71 cm long

XL – 58 cm wide / 72 cm long

2XL – 62 cm wide / 73 cm long

Volley fit

S –  50 cm wide / 71 cm long

M – 52 cm wide / 72 cm long

L –  54 cm wide / 73 cm long

XL – 56 cm wide / 74 cm long

2XL – 60 cm wide / 75 cm long

Ladies t-shirt sizes

S –  40 cm wide / 60 cm long

M – 42 cm wide / 62 cm long

L –  46 cm wide / 64 cm long

XL – 48 cm wide / 66 cm long

2XL – 50 cm wide / 68 cm long