Fabric, size and cut – the three main components of quality sportswear that will surely give confidence and comfort to anyone.

In all countries, 2 cm more or less is a dilemma that provokes not only debate, but also a large dose of laughter and teasing when placed in a particular context. We share the opinion that 2 cm make a difference, especially if they are in the right place so that the tailoring gives the dreamed appearance to anyone.

The main difference between Normal fit and Volley fit is the length and width of the sports T-shirts and clothing. Volley fit is just a little longer, just a little slimmer and several times more suitable for those of you who want to wear what they’ll feel best in. Because taller doesn’t always equal wider.

Volley fit is not created only for volleyball players, but it is created by one of the best volleyball players in the world. Tsvetan Sokolov wants to make it easier for everyone to whom longer clothes don’t mean wider ones, for those of you who no longer want to compromise with the tailoring and the way it looks. Slim fit or Sport fit – they could be the name of what we offer to expand your choice. But, it may already be clear to everyone that the word Volley was chosen not to restrict but to correspond with the person behind

# 2o7o10v – the sports brand that gives you choice!

What is the exact difference between the two cuts and which one would make you feel more comfortable and better-looking – we leave it to you to decide by using the size guide.